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DESIGN IS HUMAN, June 4-9 2012

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MA is a global brand focused on the business of promoting bold design.
Since 2006, MA (Modern Atlanta) partners have single-handedly put Atlanta and the southeast on the minds of design professionals and businesses that build world-class environments for living, working, and coming together. We love the creative process and take a collaborative approach to creating excitement. We are passionate about the joy of design and helping people and business flourish and prosper, together. With our unique platform and highly successful annual design week, Design Is Human, we help businesses create winning campaigns and generate positive impressions that guide consumers to strong brands, while brands befriend new markets.

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DESIGN IS HUMAN accentuates the design process, its human element, and creative excellence
MA’s mission and success lies in promoting creative excellence and showcasing desirable products that inspire and encourage a sustainable environment. The original event was born out of the need for an Atlanta-based hub supporting businesses active in multi-disciplinary design and a unique platform offering a bold new design language. Each year Design Is Human is built on these aspirations and prepared to expand markets, pushing the boundaries of applied contemporary design and modern urbanism to new heights. According to MA founding partner, Bernard McCoy, “MA is clearly focused on leading and assembling in Atlanta the best design practices, products, and ideas in architecture and design, furnishings, materials, and innovation. Everything is connected “360 degrees”. MA creates the right conditions for manufacturers and the trade, design professionals, government, and non-profit organizations to successfully connect with businesses, consumers, and the public by engaging in activities that expose the creative process, systems of innovation and implementation.

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Engage and interact is the MA way too. And to that end, Design Is Human programming is not only a rich and diverse platform for brand promotion and attracting business, but also a cultural magnet for experimentation, case studies, exhibitions, student work, and a “watering hole” for the local, national, and international community to unite and act.

Because design can also be a catalyst for doing good, MA with an ever-expanding coalition of like-minded international sponsors, also hosts design-related fundraisers under its MA-ology format.

From architecture to new media to eating, Atlanta is the south’s creative hub
Now in its 5th successful year, Design Is Human Week runs through 4-10 June 2012 and is Atlanta and the Southeast’s highly regarded activityexclusively about promoting bold contemporary/international design and creative excellence. Design Is Human Week presents newsworthy trends in cutting-edge architecture and design, modernity, sustainability, social responsibility, and contemporary culture at an elevated level happening all around Atlanta.

The event offers its participants, exhibitors, and thousands of visitors converging upon Atlanta, a full week of targeted programming, including product launches, talks, films, exhibitions, showroom cosponsored events, installations, and more. To further capture the imaginations of design professionals, consumers, and the general public, the popular MA Home Tour adds yet another layer rich in excitement and showcases the city’s latest contemporary architecture and design. If social responsibility is high on your business agenda, Design Is Human Week provides opportunities to capture the hearts of consumers in a compelling way.

2011 Design Is Human Publication

Our beautifully designed glossy publication ensures the conversation continues way past the event, outlining the week’s agenda while providing excellent promotional value that to a diverse targeted audience of like-minded professionals and consumers.

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First launched in 2011, ‘Design Is MATERIAL’ Exhibition returns for 2012, giving the materials industry cause to take part in Design Is Human Week too. Expect a significant increase in the number of manufacturers showcasing future and innovative material samples. Powerful ideas and strong content are but some of the reasons MA’s expertise in promoting design and Design Is Human Week continues to attract a wide range of repeat and new business wanting to be aligned with a real movement all about bold change and preparing for the marketplace for the future.