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DESIGN IS HUMAN, June 4-9 2012

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MA is pleased to accept submissions from architects, designers and other creative talent who would like to see their work published in our unique platform. MA provides you early exposure and our readership includes representatives of major design brands, journalists of design print magazines, design professionals, and design savvy consumers, which makes MA a great portal to discover your latest work. MA prides itself on breaking news and is always in search of interesting and new design ideas, concepts, and projects not yet published. We can accept your submission by email. Please in hi-res jpegs (300dpi) , preferring no smaller than 600 pixels wide. We accept short descriptive texts not in PDF. If your have links, please provide them as well. Because MA is in its early startup stages, we are unable to pay for stories or photography, however we do give credits, copyright details, and provide links to source. If you are a young writer or photography just starting in the business, MA is an excellent way to promote your work to a design audience. For more details, email For interests in contributing your time and energy to the MA design, email

MA Services for the Modern Community

MA has a passion for modernism, excellent design and connecting the modern community with each other and their buyers. MA provides modern designers, architects, showrooms, and organizations a variety of branding and lead generation services. MA is recognized for creativity and knowledge of the modern and contemporary marketplace. Here are some of the ways we help our clients build their brands:
  • Public relations services
  • Event planning and management
  • Lead generation programs
  • Content and collateral development
  • Networking you with inspired buyers and suppliers in the modern community
  • List rental and demographic information
  • Scouting of modern locations, homes, and buildings for motion pictures or television
For information on how we can help you market and promote your brand, please contact .