Modern Atlanta

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DESIGN IS HUMAN, June 4-12 2011

2011 Call for Homes

Think your house also represents the best of modern architecture in Atlanta? So do we! And for 2011, MA presents just the right event to showcase modern architecture to an admiring audience of great design by hosting the 2011 Modern Atlanta Home Tour, Atlanta’s most comprehensive and annual tour about modern residential architecture and design.

2011 Partnership Kit

By giving patronage or staging events MA partners can reach a wide and varied audience and benefit of the media coverage generated by the MA 2011. Partners get involved for many reasons and with differing objectives including access to a diverse demographic, association with the best in innovative ideas and design, and development of initiatives for a new audience. There are two criteria for becoming a partner of the MA Design Event and Home Tour: firstly, partners must stage a specific relevant activity within the period of the Event; secondly, the activity must be associated to the MA Event through the use of branding on all publicity material. Partners are responsible for all costs associated with producing and marketing their event.


2011 Exhibition Kit

MA exhibitors value unique opportunities each year during Design Is Human week that offers an elevated presence attracting the public, professionals, and the media to their brands and services. This exclusive opportunity is only open to select businesses and presents excellent Return On Investment with direct access to thousands of targeted demographics including like-minded groups and individuals.

Advertiser Kit

MA invites companies and partners to advertise in the MA program guide, website, promotional materials and event signage. This is an opportunity to promote your business to a large to our expanding audience of consumers, professionals, and businesses -all very actively engaged in Atlanta’s vibrant contemporary urban culture.

Docent Program

Docents are people like you who support and want to be more engaged in MA’s important activities. Our docents have found success within their own careers but are also eager to become MA advocates and expose Atlanta’s creative excellence to everyone attending MA events.

Sponsorship Kit

The advantages of sponsorship are wide ranging and the MA team works closely with all benefactors to develop a sponsorship package that is both appealing and effective. All backers receive the full benefit of the PR and media coverage generated by the MA events, as well as an association with the best in international and national brands.